Conference Program

Tentative conference program is now available HERE

ICOM (International Conference on the Physics of Optical Materials and Devices)

  • Luminescent materials: new luminescent materials, new synthesis techniques, new phenomena
  • Hybrid optical materials (organic/inorganic)
  • Low-dimensional systems, quantum dots, single molecule and single-particle spectroscopy
  • Characterization techniques of optical materials
  • Luminescence mechanisms and energy transfers
  • Theory and modelling of optical processes
  • Ultrafast-laser processing of materials
  • Physical and Chemical sensing from Luminescence
  • Applications of luminescence thermometry
  • Physical, chemical and biological sensing using optical methods
  • Optical sensors
  • Medical imaging and bioimaging
  • Advanced optical materials in photovoltaics and biophotonics
  • Devices: lasers and amplifiers, LED and OLED, plasmoniclight sources, photovoltaics
  • Photothermal and photoacoustic spectroscopy and phenomena

ICPT (International Conference on Phosphor Thermometry)

  • Thermographic phosphor synthesis, characterization and calibration
  • Phosphor thermometry technique development, instrumentation and data processing
  • Applications of phosphor thermometry in industry, fundamental research and biomedicine
  • Luminescence thermometry using organic, hybrid, or other tracer materials

This year, ICOM is held in conjunction with the International Conference on Phosphor Thermometry (ICPT). Contributions relating to all types of luminescence thermometry, including research involving thermographic phosphors, phosphor thermometry, and other luminescence-based temperature measurements will be organized within non-overlapping sessions. Note that the conferences are fully integrated together and held in parallel sessions: all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in both meetings!