The 6th International Conference on the Physics of Optical Materials and Devices
The 5th International Workshop of Persistent and Photostimulable Phosphors (IWPPP-5)

Belgrade, Serbia, 29th of August to 2nd of September 2022


Scientific, advisory and organizing committees


Conference Chairpersons


Conference Secretary


ICOM and IWPPP Program and Advisory Board


B. Viana (France) Chair

M. Allix (France) Chair M. Dramicanin (Serbia) Chair
M. Brik (Poland) P. Dorenbos (The Netherlands) Andrei Racu (Romania)
J. Papan (Slovenia) M. Bettinelli (Italy) L. Carlos (Portugal)
Ph. Boutinaud (France) S. Jobic (France) Jiang Li (China)
J. Nedeljković (Serbia) J. Capobianco (Canada) Jianhua Hao (Hong Kong)
S. Fujihara (Japan) S. Tanabe (Japan) Rushi Liu (China)
A. Braud (France) L. Xiaogang (Singapour) Ru-Shi Liu (Taiwan)
L. Marciniak (Poland) E. Cattaruzza (Italy) S. Pulcinelli (Brazil)
A. Toncelli (Italy) M. Guzik (Poland) D. Jaque Garzía (Spain)
M. Wu (China) Rong-Jun Xie (China) T.M. Chen (Taiwan)
P. Deren (Poland) A. Meijerink (The Netherlands) L. Bausa (Spain)
J. L. Adam (France) C. V. Santilli (Brasil) W. Ka-Leung (Hong Kong)
M. Ferrari (Italy) C. Wickleder (Germany) Jing Wang (China)
P. Smet (Belgium) A. Alexandrou (France) V. Bermudez (Portugal)
M. Nikl (Czech Republic) D. Yoon (Korea) H. Zhang (China)
J.C. Bünzli (Switzerland) Chong-Geng Ma (China) Feng Wang (Hong Kong)
A. Srivastava (USA) Lining Sun (China) O. Malta (Brasil)
Hongjie Zhang (China) Hong Zhang (The Netherlands) Wei Chen (USA)
Farida Selim (USA)    

Organizing committee

M. Dramićanin (Serbia) (Chair) M. Allix (France) Chair B. Viana (France) Chair
M. Sekulić (Serbia) S. Jobic (France) A. Ferrier (France)
I. Zeković (Serbia) T . Delgado (France) M. Medić (Serbia)
V. Đorđević (Serbia) L. Giordano (Brazil) J. Periša (Serbia)
A. Ćirić (Serbia) Ph. Smet (Belgium) Ž. Antić (Serbia)
Z. Ristić (Serbia) M. Ferrari (Italy) B. Milićević (Serbia)
S. Kuzman (Serbia) T. Gavrilović (Serbia) Lj. Đačanin Far (Serbia)
K. Milenković (Serbia)    


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